The Book

Think Success
Foundational Principles for Achievement
by John Nail Jr.

If we think success, we can attain success. Success starts from within each of us, but getting there is always a challenge. We need both internal and external motivation to generate accomplishment.

Many obstacles will undoubtedly confront us as we strive for achievement in our personal and professional lives.

In his new book, “Think Success,” author John Nail Jr. provides a formula for success using proven motivational principles that will inspire us to overcome the negativity that confronts us as we achieve more, attain more, and accomplish more.

The higher we climb in whatever our pursuit, the more obstacles we will confront. We must be self-motivated to reach the pinnacle, and the principles detailed in “Think Success” will help us soar above the peak.

168 pages – $12.99 (paperback)

$10.99 (digital download)


Business Professionals

"Think Success" provides business professionals and managers with specific strategies for helping employees set and realize goals.


Are you an educator or homeschooler? "Think Success" will provide you with new strategies to help your students set goals, maintain their academic focus, and realize success both in your class and life.


Coaches and anyone involved with coaching knows the importance of motivation. John provides strategies and suggestions for coaches helping motivate both individuals and teams to realize success.
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