John Nail Jr. is a successful and motivated educator, homebuilder, developer, and speaker.  John earned a bachelor’s degree, graduating magna cum laude, and later completed a master’s degree in education.

Besides his professional pursuits, John has served four terms as a member of Yukon Public Schools’ Board of Education as he continues to positively influence people to achieve success.

John has touched the lives of literally thousands of individuals from all walks of life, by sharing these motivational principles he embraces.  In seminars presented at businesses and educational settings, John has taught and lived by the same principles featured in this book.

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Business Professionals

"Think Success" provides business professionals and managers with specific strategies for helping employees set and realize goals.


Are you an educator or homeschooler? "Think Success" will provide you with new strategies to help your students set goals, maintain their academic focus, and realize success both in your class and life.


Coaches and anyone involved with coaching knows the importance of motivation. John provides strategies and suggestions for coaches helping motivate both individuals and teams to realize success.
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